Racing clothing: Sparco SPRINT RS-2.1

Products: SPRINT RS-2.1

352,58 €
324,99 €


Manufacturer: Sparco

The Sprint RS-2.1 is an excellent entry level suit. Evolved details and top quality materials. The suit can be easily personalised including the use of prints and features mesh panels at the armpits and back.

COMPOSITION: Meta Aramid. Three-layer sandwich with an average weight of 360/390 g/m².

CHARACTERISTICS: The Sprint RS-2.1 suit has two layers made of a fabric of the latest generation and offers excellent value for money. Elasticised armpits and back panel for increased driver comfort. Jeans type pockets, preformed sleeves and lightened fabric which is the same materials as used for all the top/medium range suits.

FIA 8856-2000



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