Intercoms and headsets: Stilo WRC DES 9V Intercom

Products: WRC DES 9V Intercom

287,92 €
289,99 €
Manufacturer: Stilo

Audio quality directly comes from the ST-30 and, thanks to the “Extra filter” switch it ensures excellent noise cancelling quality even in a Super 2000, the most noisy car beyond dispute. Activating the Extra Filter function, background noises are strongly damped and the co-driver’s voice shall be louder to the driver’s ears. Since the driver’s voice volume shall be lower to the co-driver instead, it is recommended that the Extra Filter is deactivated on transfer.

Powered by a 9V battery or through the car power supply.

Transceivers can be connected to the intercom (listening only) setting the internal switch to Radio in.

On board cameras can be connected to directly record audio tracks from the intercom, setting the internal switch to Camera High or Low according to cameras models.

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